Dubai Smuggler gets bum deal after getting caught with 810g of gold in his rectum

A man flying from Dubai to Chennai has been arrested as he tried to smuggle 810g of gold in his rectum.

We’d imagine even if he’d been in first class, he still wouldn’t have been sitting comfortably.

The man had four bundles squeezed where the sun doesn’t shine which included gold paste.

The gold is estimated to be worth around AED200,000.

The man has now been arrested and according to local newspaper reports, there is now a ‘further probe on.’ Which really seems unnecessary considering how much discomfort he must have been in!

Trying to smuggle gold between Dubai and India is relatively common. This man was found with a similar amount of gold stashed away last October.

And customs authorities in Chennai seized 9kg of gold over three days from would-be smugglers.

Malaysian Police force seize 1,069 Bitcoin mining rigs before destroying them in a steamroller

Malaysian Force have had a literal crypto-crackdown as they’ve used a steamroller to crush 1,069 Bitcoin mining rigs they had seized.

The Bitcoin mining rigs had apparently stolen $2 million worth of energy from the Sarawak Energy power lines. And that, unsurprisingly, hadn’t gone unnoticed.

You can check the Bitcoin rigs being obliterated below. It’s quite satisfying.

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