Ever wondered how much insurance would cost for a supercar in Dubai?

Dubai is a dream destination for many and for those who decided to follow theirs and move here, there’s no better way to live it than by driving one of the many supercars available in the city.  

You literally can’t go anywhere without seeing a supercar in Dubai. The largest Lamborghini dealership in the world is right here in Dubai. SuperCar Blondie has made a career out of driving supercars in Dubai. 

Even the police have their own fleet of supercars

Oh, and we also build our own supercars as well thankyouverymuch – just check out the Lykan HyperSport.

Whether you believe in “fake it til you make it” or prefer to wait until you’ve made your first five million dirhams, Dubai is a city built on status and luxury supercars are the ultimate status symbol. Are you even a millionaire if you don’t have your own McLaren, Bugatti or Ferrari? 

Plus when you can buy the car of your dreams tax-free and fill it up with cheap petrol, there are a lot of good reasons to live your dream. 

But once you’ve chosen your supercar, bought it and filled it up with petrol, there’s just one last job before you can drive down Sheikh Zayed Road – you’ll need car insurance. 

And that’s where insurancemarket.ae comes in. You’ve probably seen or heard their famous frontman, Alfred.

With over 25 years of experience, and partnerships with all the leading insurers in the UAE market such as AXA, RSA, Oman, QIC, Tokio Marine to name a few, they’re the experts here in the Emirates scene and have given thousands of quotes for supercars. And regular cars if you’re not quite there yet, or want to insure your day-to-day vehicle.

Available 24/7, a friendly, knowledgeable team of personal shoppers are just a click or a call away. They’ll compare all the car insurance deals out there and give you the best quote with lightning-fast service. Even better, once you’ve secured that deal, you can insure now and pay later. 

A game-changer if you’re looking to insure a Bugatti Veyron worth AED11 million. Just for your info, that will cost around AED424,000. Thankfully, ordinary cars come in a lot cheaper. Phew!

So whether it’s insurance for a supercar, SUV or saloon, you’ll get the best deals, discounts and covers on the market with the best in the business, insurancemarket.ae!

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