Delhi builds $2 million smog tower to help India’s capital breathe

A giant smog tower including 40 huge fans is being built in New Delhi’s downtown shopping district to help improve the air quality.

The smog tower is set to cost $2 million and include 40 giant fans pushing filtered air into New Delhi’s shopping district.

The 25m high tower will help filter air over a 1km radius around Connaught Place, an upmarket area full of shops and cafes.

And, if the experiment works, more smog towers could be built across India.

Delhi is hit by smog every winter. And they’re trying to take out 50% of the deadly PM2.5 particles from the air.

“Smog is an annual phenomenon because of particulate matter. So we are [trying] to contain this,” said Anwar Ali Khan, who is in charge of the project.

But while the smog tower plan may work, it’s claimed it’s too little too late. Delhi is a city full of car and truck fumes, construction dirt and industrial gases. And it’s home to 20 million people.

“Installing smog towers has never been, and will never be a solution,” Sunil Dahiya, an analyst with the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, told the AFP news agency.

“If we really, really want to address pollution, it has to be addressed at the source.”

Plus, the smog tower will be run from the mains. Which are largely powered by coal-burning in India.

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