Dubai Police reach extreme emergencies in under three minutes

Some amazing stats have been released by Dubai Police including that they respond to extreme emergencies in under three minutes.

The average time for responding to extreme emergencies is a very impressive 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

In total, Dubai Police responded to over 1.2 million calls in just three months with most of the calls going to their emergency 999 hotline. This was up by 100,000 during the same period last year.

And they managed to answer 99.6% of all emergency calls within 10 seconds.

Dubai Police were also quick to get to other emergencies, reaching sites in less than 11 minutes.

The statistics were given by the Operations Department during a recent meeting.

Dubai Smuggler gets bum deal after getting caught with 810g of gold in his rectum

In other news, a man flying from Dubai to Chennai has been arrested as he tried to smuggle 810g of gold in his rectum.

We’d imagine even if he’d been in first class, he still wouldn’t have been sitting comfortably.

The man had four bundles squeezed where the sun doesn’t shine which included gold paste.

The gold is estimated to be worth around AED200,000.

The man has now been arrested and according to local newspaper reports, there is now a ‘further probe on.’ Which really seems unnecessary considering how much discomfort he must have been in!

Trying to smuggle gold between Dubai and India is relatively common. This man was found with a similar amount of gold stashed away last October.

And customs authorities in Chennai seized 9kg of gold over three days from would-be smugglers.

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