Kalao: Build the Future of Digital and Virtual World

Kalao aims to unlock the full potential of metaverse experiences and brings a winning combination of NFT and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to real-world use cases.  The platform secures the NFT experience with a specific smart contract and guarantees the authenticity of any minted creations. No waste of time with long and expensive processes,  Kalao

Ethereum Developer Platform Tenderly Raises $15M in VC Funding

The latest crypto-related project to receive big venture capital investments is a platform for Ethereum developers called Tenderly. Blockchain infrastructure startup Tenderly has completed a Series A funding round that netted it $15.3 million. The round, which follows an earlier one this year for $3.3 million, was led by blockchain development company Accel. The funding

MicroStrategy Q2 Financials Reflect Losses Due to Crypto Market Crash

MicroStrategy’s second-quarter financial results show a loss in its bitcoin investments, but the company will continue to amass the cryptocurrency. Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has published its financial results for the second quarter of 2021, logging a revenue growth of 13%. The company saw some losses in its bitcoin holdings, brought on by the market’s

Anonymity in the Crypto Industry— Why Investors Need Bitcoin Mixers

Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, envisioned digital assets as an anonymous financial instrument. Unfortunately, in reality, cryptocurrency transactions are not entirely confidential. Many tools and services can be used to de-anonymize the owners of digital assets. For example, exchanges collect data about their users and develop transaction trackers. Anonymity can still be preserved though. Firstly, anonymity

Ripple Refers to SEC Commissioners’ Statement on Coinschedule for Case Dismissal

Lawyers representing Ripple Labs have sent a letter to the judge presiding over its lawsuit with the SEC, pointing to remarks made by two SEC Commissioners’ in another case. Ripple has fired another salvo in the lawsuit with the United Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this time citing the SEC commissioners’ own remarks in a

Coca-Cola Launches First Friendship Day NFT Collection

Coca-Cola will auction its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), designed in partnership with digital designer Tafi.  In celebration of International Friendship Day on July 30, Coca-Cola will auction off an NFT loot box on OpenSea. It contains Tafi-designed digital apparel that can be worn in the virtual Decentraland metaverse. “We are excited to share

Plus500 — On Track to Be Leading Global CFD Provider

Plus500 is an international fintech firm that specializes in online trading services, specifically contracts for difference (CFDs).  Plus500 offers CFDs in over 2,500 financial instruments including shares, forex, cryptocurrency, and more. Plus500 is renowned as the first broker to introduce Bitcoin CFD.  Plus500’s vision is to be the number one global CFD provider, while “continuing

Binance CEO Cooperating with Regulators to be Licensed Globally

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says that he will be working closely with global regulators to gain and maintain compliance.  Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, Tweeted several posts on Tuesday about the direction of his exchange. Zhao stated that Binance had hosted a one-hour press conference and shared important updates after the call ended.

Bullrock Swap — New Third Generation Deflationary Token

Bullrock Swap (BLRS) is the third-generation deflationary token that is generating confidence and security among holders, of which there are over 85,000. The token is currently in its presale phase. The strength of Bullrock Swap lies in the value proposition that the development team offers to cover the technological needs demanded by the current market.