UAE Expats can now keep their visa for up to six months if they lose their job

Some seriously big news for the UAE as they’ve announced UAE expats can get up to six months grace period on their visa if they lose their job. Under UAE current law, employees who lose their job and their visa are allowed 30 days to find a new job or leave the country. But under

Middle East twins joined at the head separated after rare surgery

It’s time for some much needed good news in the world as two Middle East twins born attached at the head have been separated. The one-year-old twin girls have now seen each other for the first time in their lives. Which is an amazing thing to imagine! The twins underwent the rare 12-hour separation surgery

Prison Break Israel style as Six Palestinians escape from high-security prison

Police in Israel are on high alert after six Palestinians escaped from the high-security Gilboa prison. The prisoners had clearly been watching The Shawshank Redemption or Prison Break as they’d burrowed an escape tunnel deep underground. And the 400 remaining inmates are being moved to a different prison over fears there may be a network

Ronaldo fans spend £32.5m on shirt sales in just 12 hours

Football is a seriously big business and proof of that can be found in Manchester where Ronaldo fans spent £32.5m on shirt sales in just 12 hours. Unsurprisingly, that’s a record for shirt sales! Ronaldo famously re-signed for Manchester United for the start of the 2021/22 Premier League season. And despite his £20 million a

Dubai launches new eco-friendly mosque built with recycled materials

Dubai has built a new eco-friendly mosque with lower energy and water usage that it hopes will be a beacon of sustainability. The mosque in Hatta includes a water treatment unit and was built using recycled materials. It also has an air purification process ensuring top-level air quality. Which will come in very handy during

Start the day with a Zing! with Nightjar Coffee Roasters

If like the DubaiLAD team, you can barely function until you’ve had your caffeine hit, you’re going to love this Nightjar news!  Nightjar Coffee Roasters are some of the best in business. And their online shop means you can get their incredibly tasty coffee blends at home.  Which, let’s be honest, are where we’re pretty